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Internet Things for Breakfast, 8!

It’s February and I’m depressed. But, not like all of the time. Or maybe all of the time but I’m not wallowing or anything. Just feeling unmotivated and congealed and, only if I really think about it, unhappy.

Current music obsession: Post Malone’s Hollywood is Bleeding.

Current game obsession: PubG.

Great T.V. lately: Euphoria, Sex Education, Pen15, The Dark Crystal.

Food Jag: Sandwiches. Mostly grilled cheese.

Some things I’ve found on the internet….

This article on Disney princesses entertained me. (monsters and critics)

How Ultra-Processed Food Took Over Your Shopping Basket. (the guardian)

How People Decide Whether or Not to Have Children. (pocket)

Always love getting a glimpse into the world of extreme preppers. (popular mechanics)

Heirloom seeds are fascinating. (down east)

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