Colorado Landscape Photography

20ish miles in the Rockies

In late August we arrived at RMNP around 8:45am for some hiking and exploration. We started at the Fern Lake trailhead making our way past “The Pool” to make a steep climb to Fern Lake, seen below.

After lunch we continued onward to what may be our new favorite spot in the park, Odessa Lake.

Just before you reach Odessa Lake there is a little stream perfect for filtering some water.

We didn’t stay at Odessa Lake for long because we wanted to make our way to Bear Lake. Along the way we stumbled across this guy:

Bear Lake was unpleasantly populated and there may have been an unfortunate phone-falling-into-the-lake moment that we’re not going to talk about. We sat by the lake for a few minutes people watching and wondering why Bear Lake’s reputation is so much greater than some of the other spots we’d seen before turning back.

To our delight our elk bud was still chillin’ as we passed again.

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