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Queen’s Bath

Queen’s Bath is a breathtaking tide pool in Princeville on the North shore of Kauai surrounded by igneous rock. To get to it, you must descend roughly 100 feet to the coast — not a particularly troublesome descent but when we were there it was extremely muddy and slick (in keeping with basically every “hike” we embarked upon regardless of how big or small).

The original “Queen’s Bath” was located in Kalapana on the Big Island of Hawai’i… In 1983 Kilauea Volcano erupted and in 1987 the original site was destroyed by lava flow. Only after the original site on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi was destroyed did the location on Kauai become better known as “Queen’s Bath”. This tide pool was used for what it sounds like; it was a royal bathing place. It was also used as a place of relaxation when an Ali’i (Royalty) needed to “wash off the stress”.


We went in search of sunrise on our last morning of the trip. While the tide pool and rock formations are incredibly beautiful in person, the Mavic shots Luke captured were even more amazing, showcasing the power of the surf and Queen’s Bath in context.


Queen’s Bath has been the scene of dozens of deaths over a span of more than 30 years. Generally, the incidents follow the same storyline — someone wasn’t paying attention and a wave snatched them into the ocean.


One of the most common things you will hear about Queen’s Bath is that it is dangerous and deadly. And, when the surf is high it obviously is. But the truth is, most outdoor adventures on Kauai are dangerous and deadly if you’re not paying attention.

*all photos taken by Luke

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