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Pools of ‘Ohe’o (aka Seven Sacred Pools)

The Pools of ‘Ohe’o are famous, of course, for the waterfalls and pools. As far as I’m concerned though this giant Banyan tree is the most spectacular part of the whole hike. It’s wildly alien and it’s massive. I would love to know how old this tree is — my cursory google search didn’t yield much on that topic — as it reminds me of the giant redwoods in California.

The trail itself isn’t super long especially because it’s broken up into distinct sections. The path oscillates between mud/packed dirt and wooden planks to walk on. We got rained on fairly hard for about 3/4 of this last hike so everything was super slick and dirty but we never felt particularly unsafe. The reward at the end of the trail are the waterfalls but, contrary to the common name of the trail, you can definitely spot more than seven.

Midway into the hike, out of nowhere, you enter a dense bamboo forest so thick and so tall the bamboo crowds out the sun and all other living things. It’s rather bizarre.

How cool is this long exposure shot of the waterfall? I’m always a little disappointed when the water in a river/waterfall/ocean/pond/whatever is super sediment laden and murky but with the long exposure all that brown water swirled into a mocha latte dreamscape.

*all photos taken by Luke

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