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the road to Hana


The Road to Hana (R2H) is more than 60 miles of highway, carved into the cliffs of one of the most beautiful rainforests in the world. Its curves hug the coastline of the blue Pacific, and its dramatic landscape will take your breath away…

And that’s just if you stay in your car.


It is impossible to describe just how freaking beautiful the road to Hana is. Completely, totally, one hundred percent gorgeous. The road to Hana is 52 miles long, has roughly 620 twists n’ turns, and over 50 one lane bridges. It seems every other bridge is at the foot of a waterfall more spectacular than the one that came before it. Along the way there are a few food stands, fruit stands, and shave ice trucks most of which don’t open until 11 am or so and have closed up by 5. Given the intensity of the driving and the energy it takes to just be a passenger along the road to Hana, I found myself taking video more often than I took photos. So, these are kinda crappy but they’re all I’ve got.

In order to truly experience Hana, it helps to know more about the history and legends of the area. You may find out that there are legendary stories associated with each spot where Gods have left their mark and historic battles have been fought.


With the appropriate dose of bonine, the road to Hana can feel almost spiritual but like so many gorgeous places an understanding of it’s history will sober the experience a bit. Here, the history is intertwined with Chinese and inmate laborers who time and again were used to build, pave, and restore the road.

*all photos taken with my cellphone

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