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Internet things for breakfast, 1!

The best mornings lately have started with tea and internet burrowing while the caffeine slowly circulates.

It’s been especially hard to get moving in the mornings since we’ve settled in and the ‘moving process’ has been completed. So, basically, for the last 5 months. Which is weird because when I was working all the time I would imagine how my mornings would go if I didn’t have a job to rush off to and those visions never looked like this. I thought I’d have more umph and energy to get going on my day quickly if my agenda were wholly self-directed. I’m discovering I’m not the self-starter I thought I was in the absence of a larger structure for my time.


Still, as I’ve settled into my tea and internet routine in recent weeks I’ve found myself more inspired and curious than before. I engage in less mindless internet behaviors throughout the rest of the day than I had previously, dedicating more of my screen time to knowledge building activities instead of numbing my mind with the morphine drip that is instagram.  Of course I still spend time on instagram but overall less of it and I’ve made an intentional effort to follow more accounts with content I find meaningful.


Here are some things that have caught my attention recently:






  • Anxiety baking as a defense mechanism for being alive in 2018… and 2019 too. Keeping this in the back of my mind as I embrace my desire for another massive baking spree. (the atlantic)





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