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We got a few inches of snow last week. Meanwhile, Seattle got the “snowpocolypse”. Ha! Lots of pictures and stories from people back home navigating the weather had us cracking up. I think the best thing about something like a snowstorm is how humbling the experience of enduring inclement weather is. Honestly a few inches of snow is nothing and yet cities can completely break down. I am tempted to call some of this generational as it feels like younger people more or less continue their days/plans despite weather unless it proves completely impossible. Older folks (at least the older folks in my life) allow weather to completely dictate and control their plans. I think it has to do with a lived history in which these older people have had the luxury of believing that weather can dictate their plans. Many younger people have a lived work history in which weather is not an acceptable reason to cancel plans. When I worked retail, I had to manage to get to work (and insist that my team did as well) despite snow, ice, flooding, etc…. with extremely rare exceptions. I don’t have a lived history that allows me to believe in “snow days”. Which doesn’t mean I’m not enjoying that fiction now but it’s an enjoyment of what feels like an extravagant fantasy. Like, I understand that if I were currently employed I would be required to be responsible whether or not it snows.

Anyway, some things that woke me up lately:



  • Apparently I’ve got a serious sweet-tooth fixation with cupcakes this month. Drooling over these. Saying a definite ‘hell yes!’ to these. And certain that these boozy cupcakes are surely some of the best cupcakes. Now that I think about it, all three are a lil’ boozy.




  • Have you seen Wild Wild Country? Have you heard the story of the Bhagwan in Oregon? This was all new to me and sooooo fascinating. Just a short 6 episode mini series but it will leave you entertained and engaged. Watch it. You won’t be sorry!

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