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There are phases I go through in which my desire for a child is blown way out of proportion. My brain readily and eagerly reminds me of the awful characteristics of children — the complaining, the messiness, the noise, the boogers and slobber. And who can downplay the poop?  I wonder sometimes how much my desire for a child is intertwined with shopping addiction and the materialistic elements of my personality. I wish it were easier to reflect objectively and to assess personal, subconscious, and possibly just hormonal motivations.

Relatedly, I find myself thinking about children, tradition, and desire around holidays especially. There is something unsatisfying about having holidays feel mostly meaningless. While I believe raising a child would make me more intentional about how we spend holidays, I can’t help but wonder if it would really make them feel more meaningful.


This article about babies and veggies held me rapt. Spoiler alert: It’s not entirely about babies! (the new yorker)

Want to read lots more about how the government came to decide the color of our food. (smithsonian magazine)

5 Day “Gratitude Challenge“. Love this. (ideas.ted)

I never thought about the challenges of costume design in animated movies until this. (vox)

Who knew there were so many other modern hermits out there? (quartzy)

Wondering if a “keto” twist on this baked brie would work… (the view from great island)

One more reason to avoid the fit bit since I’m not ready to avoid google. (the atlantic)

(Brief) Real talk about botox. (pure wow)

The meringue on these cinnamon-spiced candied sweet potatoes is magnificent. (food + wine)

Always interested about the status and future of retail. Hello ‘pop-up’ shops! (the atlantic)

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